About us

WELCOME HOME deals with the complete management of residential properties by directly managing the leases through Sforza S.r.l. company, who have been present on the market for over 10 years, and guarantees reliability and experience to both owners and tenants.
WELCOME HOME has a development focus in continuous growth and expansion in Italy and the UK, with new locations arriving in Florence and in the Milanese outskirts.

Our success story

The Team

Leonardo Tantone

CEO & Founder

Alberto Benoldi

CFO & Property Manager

Anastasia Mayakina

Property Manager

Rafael Gorrieri

Sales & Property Manager

Giovanni Lombardi Stocchetti

Acquisition & Property Manager

Chiara Baragiola

Property manager

Chiara De Pompeis

Marketing & Communication

Alessandro Russo

Chief Accountant

Marina Stoiceva

Senior Accountant

Giulia Mezza


Pamela Galbiati


Cristina Bergamaschi

Payroll Manager

Juliana De Oliveira


Pietro Zucchi


Viviana Zagaria


Alessandra Puigserver

Senior Architect, Head of Technical Department

Daniele Friscia


Chiara Confalonieri

Junior Architect

Alex Ricchi

Maintenance Coordinator

Sergio Stanchu

Maintenance & Locksmith

Attilio Cirillo


Thais Vila

Home Care

Cristiano Lepri

Technical Department

Pablo Castro

Maintenance Coordinator

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