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An “issues free” formula for landlords! WELCOME HOME manages on behalf of the owners all the issues related to the property rent to ensure the smooth receipt of the rental payments by the owners without worrying about anything!

How it works

What are the benefits?

No vacancy risk

The lease agreement that WELCOME HOME signs with the owners guarantees a monthly rental payment thus eliminating the vacancy risk for an owner.

No insolvency risk

WELCOME HOME is interested in finding reliable tenants thus minimising the insolvency risk


WELCOME HOME secures  properties against all types of damage with an insurance policy provided by the leading insurance companies.

Property preservation

Thanks to a cleaning service offered to the tenants, WELCOME  HOME is able to periodically monitor the status of the apartments and intervene promptly for any type of problem.


WELCOME HOME guarantees maximum transparency in the management of the property by providing a possibility to view online the current status of the property.


By signing the standard lease agreement (law 431/98) WELCOME HOME offers a long term relationship with the landlords.

After the inspection  and valuation of the property, WELCOME HOME proposes to a landlord  , if necessary,  various renovation solutions including:
A Possible renovation of the apartment without any structural modifications;
In case of very large apartments we evaluate: the division into two or more apartments or the division into rooms.

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